Mission - Vision


The mission of our faculty is to educate doctors who are able to play an effective role by spreading public service and lifelong education goals through communication means in the rapid development and change process of the society and can produce universal and internationally competitive information, protecting the health of the people by using this information in line with the priority requirements of the society, and to develop the best quality education and research facilities in post graduation specialization and contribute to the health policy according to the needs of the country.



The vision of our faculty is to be an institution that develops and accommodates individuals who are leaders in their own fields with their own original thoughts and studies; that provides education and research of the highest quality; that provides contemporary, scientific clinical and laboratory services; that has an important place in the national and international arena; that is the priority place of work for students, faculty members, other health personnel and researchers; and that develops institutionalization focusing on participation, transparency and measurability.