Mission - Vision


With an ever-increasing quality, to train physicians who can meet the health needs of today's and future societies and solve their problems, successfully maintain the priorities of education, research and service, work in cooperation with all health stakeholders, have lifelong learning skills, can produce information of universal quality and can compete at the international level, and make this a priority of the society also to train physicians who can produce universal and internationally competitive knowledge and use it in line with the priority needs of the society to protect people's health and improve their diseases, to provide the highest quality education and research opportunities for the post-graduate process, to evaluate the performance in all fields with accreditation processes, and to contribute to the formation of a health policy according to the needs of the country.



To become a globally recognized, socially accountable and nationally leading medical school today and in the future by educating effective physicians who are leaders in their field and produce superior quality service, original research and health policies.


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